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Video Testimonial

LI Achievers Award Video Introduction, May 2015
A.C., Trust & Estates and Elder Care Attorney

Other Testimonials

Your ears must be ringing, we often talk about how you made this complicated process so smooth for us. Stay in touch!
C & L O
I would like to express my thankfulness for the educating and informative process in a superior professional manner. LTC was always uncertain and confused when it came to coverage and products. I have learned a lot from you. I will strongly recommend you to any of my clients who consider LTC policy.
B.L., Professional Advisor
A gem of a person, you are. You worked your magic and ( carrier x ) put the money back into our account. Thank you for taking this on! You take fantastic care of your clients and went above and beyond in this circumstance. I was truly getting nowhere with them. I spoke with three different representatives and kept my interactions professional, but was angry. Please add us to your lengthy list of delighted customers, and enjoy time with your loved ones over the holiday season and New Year.
N.F., Valued Client
I appreciate your kindness and assistance with my Long Term Care policy.
I am your new “walking billboard” and have referred a couple of co- workers to you already!
D.S., Valued Client
Thank you so much for an amazing job well done. We really appreciate you. There is no one else that knows the Long Term Care Insurance business better than Rona Loshak and her partner, Natalie Karp.
S.F., Professional Wealth Advisor
Thanks so much for answering all my questions. . .with such clarity and patience. I feel confident now that this is a good plan for me.
C.R., Valued Client
The plan makes perfect sense now. . .you are so very thorough. I love it!
C.L., Valued Client
Thank you so much for your perseverance and your help with this! Looking forward to finalizing the necessary paperwork.
S.L., Valued Client
Thank you so much for your insightful presentation on Long Term Care Insurance. I truly feel that the format of your program is concise and easy to follow, especially for those unfamiliar with the topic.
N.Z., Attorney
I think both of you were excellent in terms of creating more understanding about the benefits and need for Long Term Care Insurance. I’m sure the message about women doing something now before it’s too late came across.
M.S., Seiden Communications
Thanks again for all your help, your thoroughness, and your ability to persevere with me through all the waiting. I’m glad we got good results.
L.H., Valued Client
It is always wonderful to see the two of you. You do a great presentation that is filled with lots of useful information. You explain in a way that helps people understand more clearly. . .I have to thank you for providing the community with a very worthwhile and educational program. You are doing a great service to your fellow community members and I look forward to having you back again really soon. Thanks also for making me look good by booking you.
V.C., Bryant Library
Your presentation was eye-opening and enjoyable. As I deal with my matrimonial and other projects, I will think of you and discuss the need for the clients to call you. You have demonstrated your understanding of your niche, communicated well, and presented LTC insurance with a very soft-sell approach.
You did a great job! Thanks for your efforts. I look forward to working with you on future cases.
S.A., Advisor
I’m so lucky to have found you.
D.T., Valued Client
I prefer that my clients work with the best, so I immediately thought of you!
M.F., Esq.
…I have found her company to be transparent and thorough.
J.S., Client
Thanks so much for taking so much time to talk with me. I am impressed with your knowledge and relieved that I have found the expertise that I’ve been hoping for. I’ve been so out-in-the-cold as to what I should do, so you have put my mind at ease. You provide a wonderful and well-needed service.
G.S., Client
This looks good! We arrived at something that I can live with in terms of premiums and benefits, so thank you so much for this! You have been incredibly patient and knowledgeable and able to explain in a way that is easy to understand.
L.P., Client
I really appreciate how thorough you are. It’s been very nice to work with you.K.B., Valued client
Thank you for taking a monumental amount of time and energy giving Steve valuable advice.
J.S., Client
…and a pleasure for me to work with you! I appreciate your expertise and feel relieved to have this insurance in place.K.B., Valued client
Thanks—not just for your comment but for all the help you provided. The subject is so complicated and the space is limited. . .At least the article offered some well-deserved recognition for all your expertise. From my scan of the LTC insurance field, you and Natalie are at the top, and if you ever need a referral or reference, don’t hesitate to use my name. I’m sure we’ll connect again, hopefully soon.
R.R., Newsday writer
I really appreciate your professionalism in the way you handle this work together and I have been telling several other planners about you both. . .Looking forward to working more together as we build our business together. Thanks again.J.B., CFP
Thank you so much for presenting yet another exceptional program to our patrons. You gave it a personal touch and sent them off with a wealth of knowledge to plan their future! I enjoy working with you and look forward to your next informative program.
N.F., Huntington Public Library
Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation on Long Term Care Insurance last night. It was the very best one I have seen clarifying many issues. . .Thank you for your professionalism, and for being such a pleasure to work with.
B.S., Plainview-Old Bethpage Library
That’s what makes you so good at what you do.
S.L., Valued client on an underwriting case
I decided I can unconditionally recommend the product to my clients and to the two of you. You are doing a great job!.
I proposed that we introduce long term care group or individual policies through two women who are specialists in the field that have worked wonders for several of our clients. You’ll like them, they’re in your image, very efficient and smart.
R.F., Advisor
Thank you. You seem to really know your stuff and have taken the intimidation factor out. I really appreciate the research and hard work you have put into this.
J.B., Valued client
Just to let you know how much I appreciate your thoroughness and professionalism. Thank you for following up on everything and the information about Dr. C.
C.Z., Valued Client
This is fantastic. Sincerely appreciated. As we continue to have these conversations with clients more and more, you are certainly someone we are recommending to clients.
C.C., Professional Wealth Advisor