Last updated: October 8th, 2020

Would You Like a Presentation?

Natalie Karp, MBA, CLTC and Rona Loshak, MBA, CLTC have spoken to community and professional groups throughout the tri-state area on the wide array of issues relating to planning for long term care and Long Term Care Insurance.

They can speak on aspects of long term care planning and Long Term Care Insurance, including:

  • Long Term Care Insurance: The Conversation You Need to Have With Your High Net Worth Clients.
  • Long Term Care Planning for Women – Protecting Your Most Important Assets- Family, Lifestyle, and Independence.
  • Understanding Long Term Care Planning: How to Protect Your Assets.
  • Long Term Care Insurance for Special Risks: Cancer Survivors.
  • Everything You Need to Know About Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Are Long Term Care Needs Creating a Hole in Your Tax and Estate Planning?
  • The New Long Term Care Landscape: Benefiting From the Changes.
  • Long Term Care Planning for the High Net Worth Client: It’s More Than Just Insurance.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: The Changing Environment and Why It Is Important to Educate Your Clients.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: A Strategy for Protecting Retirement Income.
  • Long Term Care Is the Elephant in the Room – The Myths & Realities of Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Long Term Care Insurance: A Critical Tool for Divorce Professionals.
  • The Facts and Tax Treatment of Qualified Long Term Care Insurance.
  • Prepare for Longevity and Choice of Care -Why Long Term Care Insurance Merits Attention as a Comprehensive Client Solution
  • Prepare for Longevity and Choice of Care- A Woman’s Perspective on Planning with Long Term Care Insurance
  • Long Term Care Consequences Are Real. What Is Your Plan?
  • Long Term Care Consequences With Divorce Are Real: What Is Your Plan?
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