Last updated: January 15th, 2024

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2022/2023 Federal Allowable Deductible Tax Summary
“Self-employed” business owners including: Sole Proprietor, Partner, S-Corporation, >2% shareholder/employee(W-2), Member of a LLC, or PC taxed as any of above a
re eligible for age banded allowable deductions. May also include spouse or other eligible tax dependents.

Eligible LTCI Premium in 2022/2023 (Indexed)
Deduction is NOT limited to 10% of AGI threshold.

Attained Age Before the Close of Taxable Year

Maximum Deduction for 2023

Maximum Deduction for 2022

40 or less



Age 41-50



Age 51-60



Age 61 - 70



Age 71 and older



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