We very much appreciate the focus on hybrid solutions as compelling option for high net worth families and as an estate-planning vehicle. We still believe that traditional stand alone LTC has merit, given the leverage, the bang for buck, robust tax incentives and the plethora of flexibility available. Moreover, rate stability on today’s generation of policies reflect appropriate pricing and actuarial data. Shared care policies, innovative inflation options, make for very cost effective premiums.


There are many carriers, that are strong and viable, whose names are not mentioned, Mutual of Omaha, TransAmerica, State Life One America, among others.


We believe it is critical to look independently at all carriers and plan designs.


Life Insurance with riders are a separate category of “linked benefits” and are not discussed in the article.  We lost a lot to the editing process!!


Riders are NOT all the same; Chronic Illness, Terminal Illness and LTC riders differ in language and guarantees. 


And, most importantly, the “key to the castle” of LTC is always health.  The health underwriting is paramount to successful outcomes.


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